"Metal's cold, ugly," says Gone in 60 Seconds baddie Raymond Calitri. "Wood's warm, clean. Provided by nature. To see a piece of furniture take shape, it's like watching a child grow." Even though he was crazy, Calitri appreciated both woodworking and fast vehicles. So does George Woodman. Rather than a life of crime, his projects put a bit of wood into his motorcycles. 

This particular one, which he calls "Hommage," is his most extensive build yet. While his other projects add a bit of wood around the headlight or tail cowling, this one adds a full-size fairing to a Yamaha XSR700. Woodman spent more hours than he wants to admit sanding and shaping the beech wood fairing by hand until it was the absolute perfect shape. Then he gave it an overlay of fiberglass and resin to protect it from the elements, the same process used for surfboards.

Gallery: Yamaha XSR700 With Wood Fairing

The unique fairing isn't the only modification to this bike. It has an Öhlins suspension front and rear, K&N air filters, XRace exhaust, and Pirelli Diablo SuperCorsa tires. It also has a custom seat, as well as a custom paint job by Woodman's friend Jérome Lopez. This bike will go down the road better than the average XSR700. While I certainly wouldn't want to get caught riding this work of art in a rainstorm, it would still hold up just fine.

This bike is currently for sale on Woodman's website. If you want a unique ride with a natural fairing, this example is bound to be one-of-a-kind. "I can say with no doubt that it is the first and the last full fairing that you will be able to see," says Woodman on his website.

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