As we continue to roll through 2020’s strange new bike season, Kymco’s impending “Time to eXcite” announcement looms ahead on November 26. Getting closer, they keep releasing teasers—but it looks like there’s more than one bike coming after all. 

The first teaser, in retrospect, seems more about making sure we all know the date and have time to get properly excited about it. It’s the second teaser where Kymco showed us that the bike we had a tiny glimpse of in the first teaser is likely a three-wheeled scooter, similar to the Peugeot Metropolis or Yamaha Tricity

Apparently, though, that’s not all Kymco has been up to over the past months. The Taiwanese OEM released a third teaser showcasing a completely different electric motorcycle. For a start, it has only two wheels. Also, unlike the upcoming production RevoNEX, it doesn’t appear to have a gearbox. That’s probably for the best, since a lot of people are pretty much over the idea of gearboxes on electric bikes.  

It’s not immediately clear whether this creation is a new concept or a new production bike. It seems likely this is something else in the NEX family, and since the RevoNEX first started life as a concept, perhaps this new bike could be taking the same path.  

In any case, it looks as though Kymco is unveiling at least two new bikes on November 26th. How close to production models they’ll be is another question, but at least it’s one we don’t have to wait too long to find out the answer to. If it is another concept rather than a production announcement, assuming it follows a similar timeline to the RevoNEX, it’ll be at least a year before we see any movement on it toward production.  

Could there be a third announcement coming from Kymco for 2020? It’s already November 23 at the time of writing. While it’s not impossible, the potential for just one more teaser about one more new bike wanes ever more by the day. Still, two new models is a bit more exciting than an endless sea of new paint for 2021.  

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