Good, retro-modern moto design is like throwing your favorite Instagram filter over decades of moto history. Ever since Classic Legends revived the Jawa marque in India, people have been enthusiastic about its designs because that’s precisely what the company did. Were some customers unhappy for other reasons? Sure, but they had their aesthetics absolutely dialed in. 

In November, 2020, Classic Legends proudly announced that it sold 50,000 Jawa motorcycles over the past 12 months. That’s all the time that has elapsed since the brand’s revival. While Jawa endured some production woes, as well as the same global pandemic everyone else is living through—it's still an accomplishment. 

"As the newest entrant in the Indian motorcycle market, we are proud of what we have achieved in such a short duration. As a relatively recent start-up, Classic Legends has readied a full-scale production facility to support the three models that we introduced as a part of the resurrection of the Jawa brand, set up an unparalleled and widespread sales network; and have ramped up all our operations constantly to meet customer demands," Classic Legends CEO Ashish Singh Joshi said in a statement. 

Furthermore, Joshi said, given the specific challenges Jawa weathered while reaching this first 50,000-sales milestone, he anticipates that the next 50,000 should come much more quickly. The original number includes sales of Jawa’s three current models: the Jawa, the Forty-Two, and the Perak. Since Jawa is currently working on expansion into Europe, the next 50,000 sales could come from casting a wider customer net.  

All that remains to be seen, of course. While the original Jawa name is remembered fondly by plenty of motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world, it’s not clear how many are itching to get their hands on the modern iterations. As usual, only time will tell.  

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