Ever since it was revived in late 2018, historical brand Jawa has been tremendously popular in India. So much so that it was a victim of its success and struggled to keep up with the demand with orders taking up to eleven months to process. Thankfully, the situation has seemingly settled for the small company.   

In fact, reports comings out of India suggest the brand is working on its fourth motorcycle (after the Jawa, the Forty-Two, and the Perak) and rumor has it that the new family member will be electric.  

 According to local media, Classic Legends—the branch of giant Mahindra that revived Jawa—is developing an electric motorcycle. The Financial Express writes that a “source close to the project” told them that the company is using the Jawa and the Forty-Two as the foundations of the new model and that it's working in collaboration with independent electric conversion “players” (companies?) to make it happen.   

The same source added that the Jawa engineers involved in the project received the instruction to create a bike that emulates the behavior of a gasoline motorcycle. What that means is that instead of a linear power delivery, Jawa is seemingly working on an electric power curve with peaks, possibly to mimic increasing engine revolutions.   

Reports suggest that the electric powertrain’s output will be comparable to that of a 650 engine (between 37 to 44 lb-ft of torque expected) and that it could offer a range of 125 to 155 miles. The Financial Express reached out to Jawa to inquire about the rumor but the company understandably declined to comment.    

The different sources we consulted can’t seem to agree on a tentative timeline for the new model with opinions varying between “not before 2021” and “around 2023”. We suppose it’s safe to say we can expect the model—if it exists—to launch in the upcoming years. 

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