In the spring of 2020, Texas-based Quin Design Helmet introduced a new line of lightweight, carbon fiber, full-face smart helmets. The helmet maker has now introduced a new smart helmet and this time, it’s tackling the adventure segment.   

Quin refers to its new Quest helmet as the “world’s first smart modular helmet”. The new Quin Quest features a matt, premium, K6-size carbon fiber weave shell that weighs a total of 3.86 pounds (3.66 pounds if you remove the peak). The manufacturer claims that it’s one of the lightest on the market.

To ensure optimal air circulation, Quin’s Advanced Ventilation System (AVS) is integrated into the design with what looks like three air ducts at the front and one extractor at the back. Like any good adventure helmet, the Quest also features a removable peak, as well as a convenient retractable sun visor. The chin piece features an easy thumb-activated release mechanism, lifts as far up as the forehead, and locks into place.

Quin Quest Smart Modular Helmet, 3/4 Front
Quin Quest Smart Modular Helmet
Quin Quest Smart Modular Helmet

It also comes equipped with the Intelliquin system which uses sensors to detect crashes, call the emergency services if the rider is unconscious, and can act as an SOS beacon. It gets full Bluetooth connectivity that allows the wearer to manage calls, stream music, and follow navigation instruction, using the Quin Ride application. The helmet's battery is rated at 6 to 8 hours of continuous use and at 60+ hours of autonomy on stand by. Like the other Quin helmets, the Quest received its DOT and ECE 22.05 certifications.

Pricing for the new Quin Quest is set at $699. For comparison, Quin's other smart, full-face, carbon fiber product, the Ghost, starts at $659, but doesn't come with a peak or a retractable sun visor.

Pre-sales for the new Quin Quest opened on November 16, 2020. The company produced the first batch of 200 helmets available now—more will be produced in 2021. Pre-sale units are going to ship by December 10.  

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