Now that the radical new Tesi H2 is finally on the market with its thrilling specs and premium price tag, newly-revived Bimota can now give its next motorcycle, dubbed KB4, its full attention. After expressing their futuristic fantasies with the Tesi, the Bimota designers reeled it in for the KB4 and opted for a delightful retro-racer style.   

The bike was expected to debut in the summer of 2020, and though Bimota released a pair of teaser pictures in May, we have yet to see it in full. As of mid-November, we still don’t have a revised launch date, however, we now know that the KB4 is going to launch in the spring and that Bimota is going to produce a limited number of units.   

Bimota KB4 Teaser Pictures
It's all a blur.

On its Facebook page, Bimota answered an enthusiast’s question about a launch date for the KB4 that the bike is going to hit the market in April, 2021. The House of Rimini also told Motorcycle News that the number of KBs produced is going to be extremely limited, with only 20 bikes destined to the U.K. market (no word on availability in other markets.)  

We already know that the KB4 is going to use Kawasaki’s 1,043cc inline-four engine, found inside the Ninja 1000. In the Japanese liter-bike, the mill produces 138 horsepower and 82 lb-ft of torque—we don’t know yet whether the Italians will tweak it to wring more power out of it. 


Other expected features include adjustable Öhlins suspension with an inverted fork at the front and a monoshock at the back, Brembo brakes, a quick shifter, power modes, ride-by-wire throttle, Bluetooth connectivity, and cruise control. According to Motorcycle News, Bimota even claims that the rear shock will feature a system that allows the owner to adjust the ride height.   

We reached out to Bimota to ask when we can expect it to introduce the 2021 KB4 and how many units it will produce in total, but we have yet to hear back.   

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