Do you like your Triumph Speed Twin’s engine but find its styling just a bit boring for your taste? If so, you may want to see what German customizers Rennstall Moto have done. Rennstall has created a custom café racer conversion kit for the Speed Twin that realizes its potential to look aggressive, stylish, and retro-modern in the most pleasing way. 

There’s a front fairing with a tinted windscreen, a set of clip-on handlebars, a lowering kit for the headlight and instrument cluster, a nice, tidy little monoposto tailpiece, and a belly pan. Rennstall’s plan is to sell these as a kit or as separate pieces, so you have choices.  

You can see from the photos what it looks like on, but to fully appreciate what a dramatic difference this kit makes, visit Rennstall’s page and use their slider tool. You’ll see there’s a little blacked-out gas cap that perfectly echoes the lines of the tinted windscreen as you sweep that slider from front to rear.  

Rennstall Moto Triumph Speed Twin Top View
Rennstall Moto Triumph Speed Twin Front View

The monoposto seat change is, perhaps, the most dramatic visual shift on the completed bike. Your eyes naturally want to follow that black stripe down the side of the tank, and the saddle and stripe on the cowl complete it nicely. The end result is very satisfying to look at. The high-mount exhaust isn’t part of the kit, but it’s definitely a pleasing change.  

Drop your gaze lower, and you’ll see how that belly pan gives the overall bike a more finished look, while also making it look lower, sportier, and more aggressive. Blacking out everything between the saddle and the exhaust also helps carry that theme through the bike, of course. Since it’s a modular kit, you can take whatever cues you want from it to make your Speed Twin look exactly how you like.  

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At the time of writing, Rennstall has a form on its website for you to indicate your interest in pre-ordering. No pricing information is available as yet, either for the entire kit or for the individual pieces. If you’re interested, now’s the time to stick this on your wishlist. 

Photos: Rennstall Moto on Facebook 

Source: Rennstall Moto 

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