The system is called Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X.

Yamaha seeks to create a more engaging riding experience for its Indian customers by way of introducing new technology to their entry level range of motorcycles. Making motorcycles transcend the bounds of mere transport utility means that motorcycle owners can have a more immersive experience and stay connected to the world around them no matter where they go. This is what Yamaha hopes to achieve with Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X

Featured as standard on the Yamaha FZ-S Dark Knight edition, the bluetooth-powered system features several elements that enable the rider to remain connected to his or her machine, as well as track their routes and riding history. The new feature has raised the price of the FZ-S Dark Knight to Rs. 1,07,700, and the Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X feature will be made available as an optional extra for the rest of the FZ 150 range, to be fitted via authorized Yamaha dealerships across the country. 

Yamaha FZ-S

Yamaha claims that the new bluetooth connectivity system is the most practical, reliable, and convenient way for the rider to remain connected to his or her motorcycle, as well as the world around them. The system, once paired to the Yamaha Connect X mobile application, boasts an array of security features that help the rider locate the bike in congested parking areas, as well as an electronic locking system to prevent theft.  

In total, the Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X application offers six main functions. Answer back enables the rider to find the bike in congested parking areas by blinking the indicators and honking the horn. E-Lock subsequently allows the rider to lock the bike remotely to prevent theft. Likewise, a feature called Locate my Bike, does just that, by illuminating the indicators continuously for 10 seconds. It also comes with a hazard setting which flashes the indicators consistently. Apart from these safety features, the application also keeps track of your riding history, and even your parking records by way of GPS tracking.