Do you have a special kid in your life who’s just started to get curious about motorcycles? If so, Indian Motorcycle just introduced its new eFTR Jr. electric bike. This ride is just for kids ages eight and up, and is a miniature electric replica of the FTR 750.  

Indian teamed up with Razor USA to build a bike that uses Razor’s electric powertrain matched with Indian’s FTR aesthetics. Parents (or older kids) can choose between a low and a high mode. Top speed in Low is 10 miles per hour, for which the 36V rechargeable battery will last a claimed 140 minutes. Meanwhile, high mode sees a top speed of 15 mph for up to 65 minutes before it needs to be plugged in with the included battery charger. 

“Whether it was a father, mother, uncle or family friend, most motorcyclists have fond memories of the person that introduced them to riding, and that’s the spirit behind the eFTR Jr,” said Ross Clifford, Vice President of Parts, Garments, and Accessories at Indian Motorcycle.  

“We wanted our first youth offering to be electric to provide a safe, simplistic and clean form of motorcycling for children, all wrapped up in the signature look of the FTR750. The eFTR Jr can kickstart a lifetime of riding memories for the whole family.” 

Gallery: Indian Motorcycle eFTR Jr

Just like a big bike, it has a twist-grip throttle. It also features hand-operated dual disc brakes, similar to a bicycle. Seat height is set at 23.5 inches, and it can handle up to 175 pounds in weight. It only comes in the one race replica colorway, but if you’re only going to have one option, it’s a nice-looking one, for sure. MSRP is $749.99 in the U.S., or $999.99 for our Canadian neighbo(u)rs.  

Naturally, there’s plenty of Indian kid-focused gear, including gloves, helmet, riding armor, and a jersey. All of it echoes the appearance of the larger, adult versions that are also available from your authorized Indian dealer, as well as online. 

Source: Indian Motorcycle 

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