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The first-ever completely virtual Women’s Motorcycle Conference in April, 2020, was a success. In fact, it worked so well that Women’s Motorcycle Tours founder Alisa Clickenger will host a second online-only event in November, 2020. 

If you’re interested in hopping on your computer to attend, you’ll want to mark off November 6 and 7, 2020 as the official dates of this event. As with the previous one, a slate full of rad women in motorcycling will be presenting various topics over the course of the two days. This Winter 2020 event’s theme is “Connection,” which is always an important topic—and one that is especially at the forefront of people’s minds given current world events. 

Tickets for the event are available through Eventbrite. At the time of writing, two Early Bird ticketing options are currently available. A standard Early Bird Conference Ticket costs $22.85 (including a convenience fee), and an Early Bird Conference Ticket with Recordings costs $59.98 (also including a convenience fee). Early bird ticket prices end on October 31, 2020, so you have a little over a month to purchase tickets at this price.  

Most of the panels for the conference are still being scheduled, but you can check back with the official page closer to the event to hopefully see a fuller schedule than is currently available. If you’re a rider who puts your bike away in the winter and you’re looking for digital community, here’s one event you can attend anywhere you have an internet connection.  

Get inspired, make new friends and/or riding buddies, and have a good time talking with a bunch of other women who love motorcycling as much as you do. All types of women riders are welcome—and yes, that includes scooterists. In fact, one of the few presenters who is already scheduled for the November conference is Pamela March, who will be speaking about being a rookie Scooter Cannonball competitor.  

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