Hot electron on electron action.

It’s not uncommon for companies to come together and combine their efforts to develop new technologies and promote good causes. Manufacturers frequently team up with custom shops to create special one-offs that can be auctioned off for good causes, for instance, or they attempt to make the world a better place by co-developing new and sustainable powertrain technologies.   

When came the time for Italian scooter rental service MiMoto to announce a partnership to encourage more people to opt for electric scooters for their commute, logical partners would have been, oh, I don’t know, one of the 10,000 electric motorcycle and scooter startups, maybe. But no, that’s not who MiMoto teamed up with. MiMoto teamed up with “adult entertainment” (Porn. We mean porn.) website PornHub.   

Between September 11 and 13, 2020, PornHub and MiMoto—currently available in Turin, Milan, and Geneva—will offer commuters a free, fifteen-minute ride on a MiMoto (Insert extremely easy “minute man” joke here. –JM) electric scooter. The goal is to introduce more people to the rental service, develop sustainable commuting habits, and help people get about while also social distancing. The service is currently offered in the cities of Milan, Geneva, and Turin.  

Why, you might ask, is PornHub partnering with a ride-sharing service? Well, whether you know PornHub or not (wink wink, we can pretend you don't), know this: the company supports several environmental causes. When you think of PornHub as a business rather than an “adult entertainment” platform, it’s actually impressive how involved the company has been.   

A few years ago, the site promoted the “Give America Wood” campaign that promised that the company would plant one tree for every 100-video view. More recently, the company also launched the Beesexual campaign to support bee-saving initiatives and raise awareness. The project included a hilarious bee documentary video dubbed by porn stars and content producers with industry-appropriate dialogues—the pizza delivery guy and plumber kind—but with clips of bees going about their flower-pollinating bee-siness. I’m not even sorry. (Never apologize for who you are. – JM).  

The MiMoto association might sound silly but when you think about it, the name PornHub is likely to receive a lot of attention—both good and bad—which will ultimately get the message around.

Hey, as long as people are talking about it, whether they’re offended or think it’s hilarious, they’re talking about it. Just be careful with your Google research if you want to look more into it. Rule 34 is a thing.  

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