Despite the constant cavalcade of challenges that 2020 keeps introducing, spring is slowly rising in Australia. In years when there isn’t a global pandemic raging, the country’s Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries would be busy preparing for its annual Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Week. Since 2020 is, well, 2020, the industry group temporarily renamed this year’s event “Ride Your Motorcycle Week.”  

The event runs from September 21 through 27, 2020—and is encouraging motorcycle enthusiasts to “Ride This Thing Out” for 2020. No matter what type of motorcycle or scooter you have, if you’re in Australia, the industry is hoping you’ll get out on the road and spend some important time with yourself.  

“The pandemic has hit everyone hard and the mental health benefits of riding are well documented. Riding makes you happy and right now, Australians need a break. The biggest smiles are always hidden behind a helmet,” said FCAI motorcycle manager Rhys Griffiths.  

“Riding has a real role to play in helping Australia get back to work, offering socially distanced transportation and alleviating congestion and parking issues. Our aim this year is primarily about reminding Aussies how much fun they can have on a bike, but our secondary goal is to capture the attention of policy makers who too often overlook riding in developing transportation infrastructure.” 

I may not be riding in Australia, but Chicago offers plenty of traffic congestion—and street parking was a constant struggle even before the city’s current controversial parking meter contract went into effect. Unless it’s completely impractical, I would always rather ride than drive—whether it’s commuting, doing errands, or for just about any other reason.  

In any case, the FCAI advises all Aussie riders to adhere to local rules and regulations. It also says it is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Victoria, which has been particularly hard-hit by the virus, and will issue any necessary updates on its Facebook page

Source: Ride To Work Week 

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