2020 continues to be a ride none of us probably expected to be going on—but there are some serious bright spots. Take March, 2020, when our very own Dustin got so excited about Husqvarna announcing its 701 Enduro LR that he wished aloud it would come to North America. Now, it seems, Husqvarna heard Dustin’s pleas, and those of like-minded riders, because we are officially getting it in North America! 

At first, only Australia, South Africa, and Europe got the pleasure of making the 701 Enduro LR’s acquaintance—but no more! Husqvarna North America says we’ll be getting it sometime in Fall, 2020, although it sadly didn’t give a specific date. Since that’s an entire season instead of something as short as a single month, we may still have to wait a bit longer. 

Still, couple the great handling and all the electronic wizardry of the 701 Enduro with a 6.6-gallon fuel capacity, and you have what seems like a tailor-made vehicle for your best social distancing dreams. It’d be great even if 2020 was just a normal year, to be sure, but it may even take on an extra specialness given the circumstances.  

2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR
2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR in Motion

Cornering ABS, lean-angle-sensitive traction control, switchable ride modes, quick shifter, a 48mm WP XPLOR USD forks and a WP XPLOR rear shock—the 701 Enduro LR comes packed with goodies to make your long-distance rides better, no matter what terrain you’re traversing.  

Gallery: 2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR

If the LR part of this equation doesn’t matter to you, Husqvarna North America is currently running some special financing deals on the regular 701 Enduro and 701 Supermoto, as well as the Vitpilen 701 and Svartpilen 701. They’re only good through August 31, 2020, so will sadly not be in effect whenever the 701 Enduro LR finally graces North American showrooms.  

Husqvarna North America doesn’t currently have an official price listed for the LR as of August 24, 2020. The MSRP for the base 2020 701 Enduro is US $11,999—so presumably, it will be a bit more than that.  

Source: Husqvarna 

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