Do you want the upright ride and feel of being on a giant tricycle while enjoying that air-cooled engine sound from your 500cc Royal Enfield? If so, you might work at a motorcycle shop called Jaggi Customs, located in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. This shop took a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 X and turned it into the surprisingly compact blue trike you now see before you. 

Clearly, several changes had to take place to make it all come together. The shop removed the rear wheel, and fitted a rear axle and a two-rear-wheel setup in its place. It also added reverse and forward gears, so there’s no worry about how you’re supposed to back this thing up without power. Floorboards on either side help the rider stay in a comfortable seating position while sitting astride this trike.  

The video here shows you very clearly how the bike works—and it certainly seems to be very smooth. For any English-speakers, the video is not in English, but you’ll still be able to see what happens when you ride this bike. Jaggi Customs is reportedly attempting to patent this design, according to GaadiWaadi. Such a vehicle could help disabled people get around more easily, as well as anyone who just wants a trike experience like this.  

It’s unclear what kind of expense was involved in modifying this Thunderbird in this way, but that’s certainly something that both Jaggi Customs and any potential customers would need to consider if and when this becomes a modification package that Thunderbird owners can order. It’s unclear what Jaggi intends to do with the patent if they get it. Could they simply plan to keep offering to build this package up for customers at the shop, or is there a possibility of selling a ready-to-install kit for the more DIY-inclined Royal Enfield enthusiasts?  

As of August, 2020, there’s only one of these in the world—but aren’t you glad this is a thing that exists?  

Sources: GaadiWaadiYouTube 

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