Ducati’s parent company, Audi Group, just released its half-yearly financial report for 2020—and its sales figures thus far aren’t out of line with the rest of the industry for the same period. If anything, Ducati’s numbers are toward the more positive end of the spectrum. Pierer Mobility is down by 33 percent over 2019, Harley-Davidson is down by 27 percent, Indian Motorcycle is down by 28 percent, and Piaggio is down by 24.5 percent for the first half of 2020. 

By those comparisons, Ducati’s own Q2 2020 sales being down by 24 percent doesn’t seem out of line, or even awful—because everyone’s having a rough year. Since Audi chose to release a half-yearly financial report rather than a straight Q2 report—unlike it did for Q1—Asphalt and Rubber did some math to pull out the Q2 figures, which RideApart then confirmed.  

Overall Ducati sales for Q2 of 2020 was 14,447 bikes worldwide, down from 19,157 for the same period in 2019. Audi Group helpfully does break down its motorcycle sales by category, with subgroupings of models within each category to keep things reasonably precise.  

Of all categories, the Naked/Sport Cruiser segment (which includes Diavel, Monster, and Streetfighter) stayed almost the same from year to year. For Q2 of 2020, Ducati sold 4,941 bikes in this category, compared to 4,975 sold in Q2 of 2019. No other category is anywhere near as close in numbers, year-on-year.  

The two categories that saw sales drop by nearly half year-on-year were Scrambler (2,965 bikes sold in Q2 of 2020 vs. 4,061 for Q2 2019) and Dual/Hyper (3,602 Hypermotards and Multistradas sold in 2020 Q2 vs. 6,360 for 2019 Q2). Sport sales, including the SuperSport and Panigale, sold 2,939 bikes for 2020 Q2 vs. 3,761 for 2019 Q2.  

Interestingly, for the first six months of 2020, the Dual/Hyper category is down most overall year-on-year, selling 6,496 units in total in 2020 vs. 10,501 by this time in 2019. As a matter of fact, the 6,496 units sold for all of 2020 so far in that category is just slightly higher than the Q1 2019 figure of 6,360 bikes. The gaps are much closer year-on-year across Ducati’s three other category designations. 

Still, what can any of us say? 2020 is quantifiably difficult for all OEMs—and Ducati, like everyone else, hopes that the latter half of the year will improve.  

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