If you’re lucky enough to go to VR46 Riders Academy, what’s your day-to-day experience like? It’s been open since 2014, with Valentino Rossi and his team training the next generation of young, talented Italian riders. We’ve heard about Vale’s Ranch before, but although that experience was no doubt special for any who attended, it was also just a single day long.  

We know this is a promotional video, of course, but the VR46RA experience looks pretty much exactly like you’d hope it would look. Current Moto2 and Moto3 riders Marco Bezecchi, Franco Morbidelli, Niccolo Antonelli, Luca Marini, Andrea Migno, Celestino Vietti, and Stefano Manzi each offer a few words about what it’s like to learn from one of the all-time greats of motorcycle racing.  

Are you guessing that they eat, breathe, sleep, dream, and of course ride bikes the whole time? If so, you’d be correct. What it seems like, more than anything, is a very special and intensive summer camp experience. Instead of dividing your attention between camping for an hour, doing craft projects for an hour, and maybe going on a field trip for an afternoon, it’s all different aspects of training to be the best rider you can be.  

Whether it’s getting certain concepts into your head, asking questions to deepen your understanding of how certain things work, eating a nice meal together with other riders who love it as much as you do, or actually riding—it's all focused on a single goal. Every rider comes at it from a slightly different angle, as each has their own skill set and level, and everyone progresses differently. Since only a handful of riders are there at the same time, it’s more like a learning team than a larger class experience might be. Heck, most motorcycle schools that aren’t taught by multiple MotoGP championship winners have more students attending at any given time.  

All in all, if you’re wishing that you were the type of young Italian talent who could find their skills boosted with such a learning experience, so are we. Moto school is always best school, Y/Y? 

Source: YouTube 

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