Hero is being true to its name with this initiative.

India is well known for its congested cities as well as inhospitable and sometimes inaccessible rural areas. This, mated with the current global coronavirus situation seems like a recipe for disaster. Indeed, with India’s coronavirus cases surging past the one million mark, any efforts to help curb the diseases and its deadly side effects are more than welcome.

Luckily, a popular motorcycle manufacturer has come up with a solution that would make medical aid more accessible, especially in rural areas. In a truly heroic fashion, Hero MotoCorp has crafted a custom ambulance that will serve as a first responder especially in hard-to-reach locations. Basically a Hero Xtreme 200R, the first responder will indeed be put through some extreme environments in order to fulfill its heroic purpose.

Developed by Hero’s engineers in Gurugram and Jaipur, the motorcycle ambulance is equipped with loads of essential medical supplies and equipment. The motorcycle itself—the Hero Xtreme 200R—remains unchanged, with all of the magic put into the sidecar. With a first-aid kit, oxygen tank, a folding beacon and LED flashlights, the first responder stands to provide more than just coronavirus-related support. The motorcycle ambulance even comes equipped with an integrated stretcher which can be reoriented as a chair or recliner. Of course, a hood is also part of the ambulance’s design in order to keep the patient shaded from the heat.

Take A Look At This Hero Xtreme 200R First Responder Ambulance

Hero has stated that more of these first responder vehicles will be built and delegates to health and safety organizations. With a target of 60 motorcycle ambulances, Hero seeks to add much needed mobility to the existing healthcare system. Undoubtedly, with a workhorse like the Hero Xtreme 200R, and much needed medical supplies and equipment in tow, this innovative first responder motorcycle ambulance has the potential to provide much needed healthcare across India’s rural areas.


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