A little upgrade here, a little upgrade there, and Yamaha’s 2021 motocross lineup is finally here. Highlights include an updated YZ250F and new Monster Energy Yamaha Racing graphics packages for the YZ250F and YZ450F. That’s about it, though. The rest of the lineup is basically unchanged for next year.

Off-road motorcycles see more year-over-year change than any other riding segment, with most manufacturers making tweaks to a major model or models every season. Yamaha follows the trend here, with engine and chassis updates for its four-stroke 250 MX bike. It’s not all-new, but it should be noticeable improved.

According to Yamaha’s presser, the YZ250F’s liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine has a new cylinder head with revised intake port and camshaft. The engineers redesigned the rest of the intake system for 2020, as well as the transmission, shift cam, clutch, water pump impeller, and ECU. Yamaha says the bike makes stronger mid-range and top-end power, with more peak power, while retaining its characteristic low-end torque. Yamaha didn’t list a peak horsepower figure, though.

The YZ250F has an updated chassis for 2020 as well, with a revised frame, engine mounts, suspension, triple clamp, handlebar mounts, and more. Yamaha also re-worked the brakes, with larger brake pads and re-designed discs. It’ll be available at U.S. dealerships in September, with a $8,299 MSRP. For an extra $200, buyers can have the machine with Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition graphics. They won’t make you faster, but you’ll look better in the pits.

2021 Yamaha Motocross lineup

As for the rest of the lineup: The YZ450F seems to be unchanged for 2021, except for the paint job. Next year's MSRP is $9,399; the Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition version sells for $9,599. Again, the Monster Energy bike is the same as the standard model, just with tarted-up graphics.

The same goes for the YZ125 and YZ250 motocrossers; they get new paint, but that’s it. In the U.S., they’re priced at $6,599 and $7,499 respectively. The YZ65 and YZ85 are also back for 2021, unchanged except for the graphics. The YZ65 has a $4,599 price tag next season, and the YZ85 will sell for $4,699.

For full tech specs on the entire 2021 MX line, head over to Yamaha’s website.

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