Remember Twisted Road, the peer-to-peer motorcycle rental service that’s kind of like AirBNB for motorcycles? Maybe you’ve used it before, or at least heard of it. In any case, TR just teamed up with regional motorcycle dealer network Windy City-Fox Motorsports. The partnership means that WCFM’s extensive list of used bikes will now be available to rent on Twisted Road.  

It doesn’t just stop with rentals, though. WCFM, which has 15 dealerships across the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, holds around 1,500 pre-owned motorcycles in stock at any given time, all inspected by certified mechanics before they roll out onto the sales floor. This partnership with Twisted Road means you can effectively demo-to-own any of these bikes if you fall in love with them!  

Demo rides aren’t always easy to come by, and that’s even truer if you’re dealing with used bikes. Some dealers will let you take a short demo ride on a used bike, but those short rides are often not as satisfying as you might like before you make any purchasing decisions. If the used bike you’re eyeing so lustily is in the hands of a private seller, any private seller with two functioning brain cells will want to see cash money up front before they’ll let you take it for a test ride. I mean, if you were the seller, wouldn’t you?  

Will other used bike dealers follow suit and partner up with Twisted Road in other parts of the U.S.? That remains to be seen. Since this is the first partnership of its kind, it’s very likely that other dealerships will be watching closely to see how things pan out for WCFM with this Twisted Roads deal.  

It seems like it’s a good idea on multiple fronts. Taking advantage of a fleet of used bikes that’s just sitting on a showroom floor seems smart for a dealer. For riders, we get to try non-current-model-year bikes before we buy, for potentially as long as we’re willing to rent them. All that pressure to make a buying decision immediately after a 10-minute demo ride is gone. What’s not to like about this proposition? 


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