Our friends at Bikes and Beards have shown us several cheap bikes that you can buy through Amazon, ranging from scooters to small sportbikes. The future is electric bikes, but fear not, Amazon has you covered here, too. Sort of.

For the low, low price of just $9,650, you too can own a Seadoshopping "Outdoor Electric Treadmill Bike, Racing Motorcycle with Big Tyre, Smart Cooling System," which is apparently the model name. It comes in two to three months in a mangled crate from China, which is the precise opposite of overnight parts from Japan. The Fast & Furious legacy lives on, however, with the name emblazoned on the sides—or at least one side. The other side says "& Fast Furious," for some unknown reason. But the Transformers Autobot logo on the battery more than makes up for it, right?

Unlike other Amazon bikes, little assembly is required other than removing it from (what's left of) the crate. There's virtually no charge in the battery, which is to be expected after three months on a boat. It comes with only a Level 1 charger, which requires many hours to fully charge the battery. This doesn't work well if you're expecting to ride the bike home after picking it up.

This has to be the absolute worst $9,650 motorcycle you can buy. It's slow, unlike most electric motorcycles with outstanding acceleration. The brakes are already warped, straight out of the crate. The suspension is terrible and bouncy. There is no way you would ever want to spend that kind of money on a bike like this. Fortunately, you don't have to.

Although this model sells for $9,650 on Amazon, Bikes and Beards actually bought an identical one through Alibaba for just $1,900. That's the upgraded version, too, with a bigger engine and longer range. When you set your standards that much lower, it's not such a bad bike after all. It's still severely limited. It's extremely slow to charge, and it only went 34 miles before running out of juice.

It would still make a great deal of sense in the city, though, where electric vehicles rule and you likely won't go anywhere near that far in a day. It's also a very cool looking bike. Anyone who might laugh at you for pulling up on a scooter will be admiring this bike instead. It's no Energica Ego, but you could buy nearly 18 of these bikes for the Ego's $34,000 price tag. Truth be told, most people probably couldn't even tell the difference anyway.

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