The KTM 890 Duke R is one of Europe’s most exciting naked bikes. It’s an upgraded version of the 790 Duke, but for some riders that still isn’t enough. No worries, speed junkies—the aftermarket has your back. Yoshimura just announced the new AT2 Street muffler aimed at KTM’s middleweight hooligan machine.

If you think the AT2 muffler looks familiar, you’re right. Yoshimura says it’s based on the original Alpha Taper muffler. No doubt the update is partly marketing, partly keeping up with new model releases, and partly required by tightening emissions requirements.

The AT2 is part of Yoshimura’s Street series, and Yoshi’s website says these slip-on mufflers “do not require tampering with the vehicle's emissions control system.” That sounds like it’s a simple plug-and-play installation, with no ECU re-tuning required. It also sounds as if the 890 should still pass emissions testing after you install the muffler—an important feature in states that require tailpipe check-ups.

Speaking of sound, Yoshimura's marketeers say the AT2’s exhaust note is second to none. Watch the video and judge for yourself. While the AT2’s sound might be second to none, it doesn’t show changes to the horsepower and torque curves. According to Yoshimura, the 890’s peak output is up 1.5 horsepower with the AT2 slip-on, and up 1.2 foot-pounds of torque. In stock form, the 890 makes 119.4 horsepower and 73 foot-pounds of torque, so there’s likely negligible noticeable difference in practical use. Of course, the bike will sound more powerful, and to most owners, that’s all that really matters.

The AT2 is lighter than the stock muffler, coming in at 4.8 lbs. (the stock muffler weighs 7.4 lbs.). It comes with Yoshimura’s Works Finish, which mimics the titanium components on the top-shelf parts that Yoshi’s factory racers use. There’s a carbon-fiber end cap and heel guard as well. Asking price is $549 for the U.S.-made muffler, and it comes with free shipping, zero-percent financing, and a one-year warranty.

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