In May 2020, Overland Expo West met virtually for the first time ever. As the year rages on, with no clear end in sight to the ongoing global pandemic, the Overland Expo organizers announced on June 3, 2020, that all remaining 2020 in-person events will now be postponed until 2021. 

To be clear, that doesn’t mean no Overland Expo at all in 2020. Following Overland Expo West’s virtual foray, two more virtual events will be held later in 2020, on dates to be announced. One should take place during Summer 2020, and the other will take place during Fall 2020. 

For the health and safety of the dedicated Overland Expo community around the world, all in-person events will roll over to the 2021 calendar. Dates for those events are as follows:

  • Overland Expo West: Flagstaff, Arizona, May 14 through 16, 2021 
  • Overland Expo Mountain West: Loveland, Colorado, August 27 through 29, 2021 
  • Overland Expo East: Arrington, Virginia, October 8 through 10, 2021 

Organizers are asking all attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to consider rolling over tickets, sponsorships, and booth space over to one of the 2021 events if possible. This will help to ensure that staff stay employed while things are so shaky. If that’s not possible, refunds will be made available upon request. All 2020 registrations will automatically be rolled over to 2021 after August 14, 2020, so reach out to the organizers before then if you have any questions or concerns. Attendees can find their options here, while exhibitors and sponsors can find their options here. 

As we all know, the ongoing pandemic is putting considerable financial strain on everyone, including the Overland Expo organization. In the interest of sustaining this series through these unprecedented circumstances, leadership say they’re forgoing salaries for the rest of 2020, and all Overland Expo staff have agreed to take pay cuts for 2020 as well. Rolling over 2020 registrations at all levels will help to keep these folks employed and organizing the 2021 series.

Source: Overland Expo 

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