Missing out on your normal moto-community stuff? With rallies postponed or canceled, riding schools closed, and even group rides under restrictions, COVID-19 is making a mess of riding season. Now, thankfully, REVV Talks is here to help. 

According to its own press release, REVV Talks is “a platform that aims to educate riders through live webinars, conferences and an extensive video library.” On June 5-6, 2002, it's streaming a REVVConference live, with access to the videos later at extra cost. 

It might sound a bit like TED Talks, but those presentations are about big-picture Ideas Worth Spreading. REVV Talks is moto-focused, bringing together “professional riders, instructors, researchers, adventurers, filmmakers, journalists, creators and educators from all over the world as they share their expertise and knowledge live.”  

Some background: Alisa Clickenger and Brittany Morrow co-founded REVV Talks. Clickenger has been organizing speaking, writing, coaching, and doing other inspirational/selfhelp/educational/communications work around the moto-industry for years now. If you read motorcycle magazines, you’ve almost certainly seen her work. 

Brittany Morrow has also been doing moto-education and similar presentations for years. Morrow is also known as the Road Rash Queen. She’s been a safety advocate ever since a horrifying crash in 2005; she wasn’t wearing proper gear, and in her own words, was skinned alive. She required full-thickness skin grafts to more than 50 percent of her body, and ever since she has been preaching the gospel of safety gear through her Rock The Gear foundation, as a brand ambassador, and through other presentations. 

Morrow and Clickenger’s upcoming REVVConference will bring together presenters from the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and other countries. It's aimed at riders and passengers from all backgrounds and disciplines of motorcyclingsportbikerscruiserholics, and enduro junkies are all welcome. 

You can find tickets and other information at Eventbrite. Find a lineup of the REVVConference presenters and other details here.

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