Strip all the plastics off a 1991 Honda NX650 Dominator and what do you get? Well, you don’t quite get the Vagabund V13 custom you see here, but you do get the solid, early-90s foundation Vagabund used to build its V13. The name is as minimalist as Vagabund’s design, and its clean, uncluttered lines make the V13 look like it’s most at home when it’s in motion.  

3D printers are fast becoming a valuable tool in a custom builder’s toolbox, as Vagabund demonstrates here. The fuel tank is 3D printed, and includes an integrated motogadget mini speedometer. Other 3D printed bits include the tail, handlebar switch housings, indicator light bracket, and air filter cover.  

The V13 sports a custom-made two-into-one collector for the modified Akrapovič exhaust. Kellermann Atto turn signals were integrated into a custom-made front rack, which also has a quick-release magnetic mounting system specifically made for a Black Ember bag. A custom license plate holder also holds an integrated Kellermann Atto taillight cluster that includes a brake light and indicators. Another custom rack holds two GKA fuel canisters on either side of the custom alcantara seat. The rear frame is also completely custom. 

Gallery: Vagabund Moto V13 Honda NX650 Dominator

Other modifications include powder-coating the wheels and using stainless steel spokes, an OTR oil cooler, a Wilbers shock, Highsider Satellite headlight, a Husqvarna TC85 front fender, 320mm HE brake discs, and also a complete engine rebuild, from top to bottom. A modified fork bridge with brand new bars, clamps, and control levers helps you control all this glorious purpose in a manner that best befits this composition. Bridgestone Battlax AX41 tires complete the bike, giving its rider confidence that it’s as ready to go explore some trails as you are. 

When new, the NX650 weighed nearly 400 pounds at the curb. It’s unclear how much weight was removed in making the V13, but it looks lean, mean, and absolutely ready to go exploring in 2020. We don’t know how much fuel the new tank holds, but with your extra fuel cans already handily on board, there’s absolutely no reason not to go rip it up if you’re the lucky owner of the V13.  

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