Four-circuit controller makes it easy to manage lights, horns and other accessories.

Want to add some powered accessories to your Harley-Davidson? The MoCo has its own extensive P&A catalog, but If you want to go the aftermarket route, Denali can help. 

Denali Electronics recently announced its new CANsmart Controller GEN II for late-model Harley-Davidsons. This CAN bus controller plugs into a Harley-Davidson's diagnostic port. It allows riders to easily add powered accessories (driving lights, horn, GPS) to their hog, with four powered outlets. Riders can then use Denali’s management software to control what those outlets do, along with the accessories that are plugged in. 

Each of the four 12V outlets has a maximum output of 25 amps; they’re rated for a continuous draw of 10 amps. Each circuit can be configured to whatever usage you want—there are no restrictions for individual circuits. Using Denali’s software, riders can even configure the controller’s circuits to correlate to the Harley-Davidson's stock switchgear, which means that you don’t have to add extra buttons and switches to the handlebars. 

The controller comes with 35 programmable accessory settings, using the management software as an interface to set up the add-ons just how they want. Riders can program the CANsmart controller to flash brake lights under acceleration, or set up accessory lights with a dimmer function or to work in conjunction with the high/low beam function, or control accessory horns, and a lot more.  

Denali’s accessory lights and horns will plug-and-play with the CANsmart controller, but it will also work with official Harley-Davidson accessories as well as gadgets from third-party manufacturers. It can also be used to power heated gear, satnav equipment, and phones. 

Denali says the CANsmart controller is compatible with more than 60 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, including Sportster, Dyna, Softail, CVO and Touring models. It’s currently priced at $259.95. To see if it fits your bike, or for more technical details, head over to the Denali website. You can also purchase Denali lights, accessory horns and other add-ons at the site. 

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