Due to more time on the move, and because we are able to bring our entire music collections with us, there's an increasing demand for portable loudspeakers. The problem in the past had been that many of the offerings offered poor sound quality and weren’t terribly robust. However, the new wave of bluetooth speakers is far more rugged, with Braven developing some great innovations in this crowded market.


Braven already produces some of our favorite products for active lifestyles, including the $199.99 BRV-X bluetooth speaker, which has great sound, long battery life, is water-resistant and shock-proof to survive a fall. The $299.99 Braven BRV-HD has the same features, an even longer 28hr battery life and one of the best sounds we’ve heard from a compact, portable speaker. You can even use the BRV-HD to charge your phone, but for that task we prefer the $99.99 Braven BRV-Bank. This is a portable power pack with great power – we’ve recharged an iPhone up to five times with this device.

However, it’s more than just a battery pack. It has it’s own app, allowing you to monitor and control the power. It’s also splashproof for outdoor use and able to take a knock. The BRV-Bank can charge two devices at once and is even supplied with a USB flashlight for camping trips.


So when Braven announced the BRV-PRO, we were excited to see what features it would pack in, and they didn’t disappoint. The PRO loudspeaker is slightly smaller than the BRV-X or HD, making it lighter (1.44 lb) and more compact (6.4x1.5x2.8”) for mobility. However, it still offers a rich sound that lacks a little bass punch, but that’s to be expected in a speaker of this size. However, it’s certainly very good for the $149.99 price, and the overall sound reproduction is crisp and well defined, it doesn't exhibit any nasty distortion or vibrations.

Braven BRV-PRO Bluetooth Speaker & Accessories - Review


What makes the BRV-PRO interesting is the overall design concept. It’s intended to be totally compatible with an outdoor, adventurous lifestyle. So it has the same rugged aluminum chassis as its bigger brothers, with a shock-absorbing rubberized outer. It also has an IPX7 waterproof rating, with a cover for the connection ports to allow you to take the speaker with you almost anywhere.

Braven BRV-PRO Bluetooth Speaker & Accessories - Review

And to add this Braven to your lifestyle, it can be mounted to almost anything using the $14.99 Action Mount. The small plate screws to the casing and is compatible with the full range of GoPro-style mounting hardware. So we were able to affix it to the handlebar of a motorcycle. Admittedly, this was done rather clumsily for our photos, but there are so many mounting options available on the market— you can secure the BRV-PRO to almost anywhere.

In fact, Braven’s website shows it attached to a surfboard, bicycle handlebar, UTV, backpack, belt and more. The possibilities are nearly endless.


With a 15-hour play time, the device will keep you entertained all day. Braven has also created some great accessories to keep you streaming music for even longer. The first is a $49.99 Battery Pack, which screws securely to the casing. The 3800mAh external battery extends the potential play time up to 25 hours, for a total of 40 hours of music at regular volume levels. Just like the speaker itself, the battery is lightweight and waterproof with LED indicators to monitor remaining power levels.

Braven BRV-PRO Bluetooth Speaker & Accessories - Review

If you’re planning to be off-grid for longer, and the BRV-Bank won’t get you through to the end, there's the $49.99 Solar Panel. We tried it out and were able to charge the battery over the course of a day. It’s obviously not going to be a quick fix, but it’s just another option to keep the party going.

Accessories we didn’t sample include the Stacking Plate, allowing you to pair two speakers together, as well as a Glow Deck, which is an LED diffuser that mounts to the speaker, giving you a soft camp light. Visit the website for the full list of accessories.

The Braven BRV-PRO comes in two colors: black with red highlights (as seen here), or silver casing with black protection and cyan highlights. Whatever you choose, this ingenious device will quickly become an essential part of your travel and activity gear.


Braven BRV-PRO loudspeaker $149.99

BRV-PRO Solar Panel $49.99

BRV-PRO Battery Pack $49.99

BRV-PRO Action Mount $14.99

BRV-PRO Stacking Plate $19.99

Pick up yours at the Braven website.


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