We know Indian has big plans for the FTR1200. Who can blame the company? The model has been well received by reviewers and buyers alike and has even helped the company thrive. It only makes sense for the manufacturer to take full advantage of its new platform. In April 2019, leaked internal documents suggested that there were other versions of the FTR in the works, more specifically a “Street” and an “Adventure” model.    

At EICMA 2019, Indian unveiled the FTR Rally (possibly the “Street” model identified in the documents), turning the flat-track-inspired model into a perfect urbanite. While we wait to see what the “Adventure” version will be all about (if there is one at all), we get to check out the teaser for Indian’s latest addition to its lineup—the FTR Carbon.   

Like any good teaser, the 12-second clip doesn’t reveal much. In the video, Indian claims that the FTR Carbon will be the closest you’ll come to owning the competition-ready FTR750 the Wrecking Crew has been kicking everyone’s butts on for the past few years. We then get a static look at the carbon fiber-clad fuel tank. I mean, with a name like “FTR Carbon”, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.  

So, what does it all mean exactly? Chances are, we are looking at a premium version of the standard FTR1200, equipped with a slew of carbon fiber components, which should also result in a lighter bike. The entry-level FTR currently weighs in at 488 pounds.   

Considering the championship-winning FTR750 also features several carbon fiber components and that the FTR Carbon apparently the closest anyone of us will ever come to owning one, I’ll let you put 2 and 2 together. The teaser confirms that the new FTR Carbon will debut on Friday, May 1, 2020, at 5 pm (likely European time considering the clip was shared on Indian Motorcycle Europe YouTube channel.)   

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