Can scooters be tough? If the runaway success of the Honda X-ADV in Europe proves anything, it’s that anything is possible. Sure, plenty of scooters aren’t, and there was that whole Mods vs. Rockers thing to consider back in the dayAll that aside, bikes, scooters, and cars all have one thing in common: their stats on paper aren’t worth much without a competent driver or rider at the helm.  

That’s what makes this vintage find from the Duke Video archives all the more entertaining. Way back in 1959, when Lambrettas were a much bigger deal than they are today, three Lammy riders decided to do something incredible. The Scottish Six Days’ Trial was considered one of the toughest races in the UK at that time. So naturally, these riders decided to sign up to show just what their scoots could do. 

Before the 1980s, twist n’ go automatic transmissions weren’t a thing on scooters. Instead, these moto cousins still required shifting and clutch work, so fine motor control for trials riding was likely easier with one of those machines than it might be on a modern scoot.  

Bear that in mind as you watch what these riders are able to do. Like motorized mountain goats, they’re just plugging along, climbing through rocks on steep uphills like they’re nothing. While the riders do put their feet down to maneuver, they just calmly get around the course and are very smoothly on their way.  

To what I’m sure was their immense satisfaction, all three Lambretta riders successfully completed the SIx Days’ Trial that year, and went on to collect their prizes for finishing. It just goes to show that if you work on building up your skills, you can pretty much do an awful lot of things on two wheels. What two wheels you have at any given time is far less important than how you use them.  

Source: YouTube 

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