Staying in your garage or shed for an extended period of time is much more fun when you have a monumentally large motorcycle project to put together. Take a Yamaha R6 race bike build, for example. It definitely helps if you have some experience in this area. If you don’t, that’s OK, because how else are you going to get any experience unless you try doing it for yourself?  

The guys at MotoBros have been putting up an excellent YouTube series doing exactly this project. One episode goes up per day, and the whole series so far has been extremely well-shot, miced, and edited. The entire project is slated to come together in just one week, and it seems like we’re in good hands for that to happen if you just watch a few minutes.  

In the first episode, they strip the entire bike down. The engine comes out, and a new race-prepped engine goes in. Not too much information is given about the new engine, which is so far the one thing I wish they’d given a little more info about. Airbox, aftermarket air filter, throttle bodies, and everything gets fitted back together. 

Then it’s time to start fettling aftermarket parts galore. Vortex clip-ons, Apex switches (oooo), Brembo master cylinder … all kinds of good stuff, just waiting to be installed. Oh, and there’s a beautiful M4 exhaust with carbon canister that gets fitted, as well.  

If you’re following along at home, that does of course mean you’ll have to wait a bit for any parts you order to arrive. Presumably, you won’t want to do a carbon copy of this race bike build, but it should give you some solid ideas about what you might like to pursue on your own, with your own bike. Maybe you just like to watch, and that’s cool, too. I mean, I’m not planning on building a race bike any time soon, but I will literally always have time to check out what other people are doing and file it away in my brain bank for later.  

Since it’s now Thursday afternoon, and the series started Monday, there are two more episodes left if this build keeps to schedule. MotoBros hasn’t given any kind of preview about what they’re planning to accomplish in the last two episodes, so we’ll have to watch and find out.  

Source: YouTube 

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