You’ve possibly heard of Brixton before. A few months ago, the part Chinese, part Austrian manufacturer specializes in small displacement, vintage-looking motorcycles like the Felsberg and the Sunray. If you’ve never looked them up before, I recommend you do, they’re actually pretty cute.   

The biggest displacement the company currently offers is the 500cc twin available in the newly introduced Crossfire, but that’s about to change. At EICMA 2019, alongside the new Crossfire 500 and 125, the company also introduced a 1200cc bike concept. Brixton now confirms that the 1200 model will head for production and we’re getting a strange feeling of déjà vu.  

Care to guess what Triumph model Brixton is hoping to go after with its new 1200? The fact that the Chinese bike pretty much looks like a knockoff of the model it emulates is the biggest giveaway. If you guessed Bonneville T120, you are right. If you haven’t, you probably need glasses.   

Here's a T120 for reference. See it?

From the saddle to the shape of the fuel tank with the knee dents, the similarities between the two designs are obvious and there’s no denying that Brixton was likely heavily “inspired” by the legendary model. Who can blame them anyway—to this day, the Bonneville remains one of the best and most famous standard bike designs on the market. You can fight us on this.  

The manufacturer has now announced that the concept will head for production but there’s no saying when. There’s also very little information available about the new model and at the moment, the only thing we know for sure is that it will run on a 1200cc or so, parallel-twin engine (also like the Bonnie).  Guess we’ll have to wait further down the line to find out more about it.  

Considering the current climate, it’s no surprise that things are little up in the air, especially with new product development. We’ll definitely be curious to keep an eye on this new T120 competitor and see how it does. 

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