Does X mark the spot? It does if you’re Brixton Motorcycles. At EICMA 2019, Brixton unveiled its very first models in the Crossfire line, the 500 and 500X. All Crossfires have that distinctive X molded into their tanks—a design feature that many feared wouldn’t make it from concept to production. Fortunately for our eyeballs, it has. 

Owned by Austria’s KSR Group, Brixton has been importing Chinese-made retro bikes into Europe for a few years now. Brixton recently decided to start designing its own bikes, and the Crossfire line is its first foray into the process. The company started taking orders for the 500 and 500X at EICMA 2019, with planned delivery in Spring 2020. 

Gallery: Brixton Crossfire 500 and 125

Brixton also unveiled its Crossfire 125, which the company says should be available sometime in the summer of 2020. The design language carries through from the big 500 brother down to the 125 learner bike, again bearing that distinctive X on the tank. Although it’s expected later in 2020, no ballpark pricing or exact availability was given.

Meanwhile, in the EICMA press conference, Brixton announced the MSRP for the Crossfire 500 to start at €5,999 (US $6,646). No plans have been announced to release the Crossfire line outside of Europe, but depending on how good they are in actual riding experience, we certainly wouldn’t mind if Brixton headed our way. 

Brixton also unveiled an as-yet unnamed concept bike at EICMA 2019 that looks somewhat Bonneville-y. In our opinion, it’s not as much fun to look at as the Crossfires, because we’ve already seen bikes that look very much like it before. Meanwhile, the Crossfire design language is simple and streamlined, and although it clearly does draw on its retro roots, it seems like something fresh, new, and looking forward toward the future. 

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