Stories of inspiration can get lost in the hysteria of COVID-19. While reports of the rising death toll and economic collapse draw the most attentioncompanies and individuals are also stepping up to meet the daunting challenges. When it comes to the motorcycle industry, brands like BenelliPirelli, and Yamaha have donated medical supplies to local healthcare providers. BMW even went as far as switching to face mask production during the global pandemic.  

Whether you or a loved one contracted the illnesslost your job as a result of the economic haltor you're socially isolating, the international crisis impacts every one of us. With unemployment skyrocketing and toilet paper hoarders ransacking stores, finding ways to help others is more important than ever. Goggles for Docs allows citizens to offset personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages by donating new or used off-road goggles to frontline health workers. 

If you have an old pair of dirt bike/dual-sport, ski/snowboard, or general lab goggles collecting dust somewhere, Goggles for Docs would gladly take them off your hands. According to the share system’s website, even if your used goggles are tinted or well-worn, they're “better than a COVID cough to the face.”  

To maximize the speed and efficiency of donations, Goggles for Docs has laid out a five-step process. First, donors choose the hospital they’d like to send their old eye protection to and insert their personal information. Once the eyewear is disinfected using Goggles for Docs guidelines and video belowbackers can mail them directly to their hospital of choice or leave them at one of the drop off locations set up by the grassroots movement.  

Though Goggles for Docs currently has over 200 drop off spots in 35 states as well as Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, and Panama, the share system promotes overnight mailing your goggles to hospitals directly. If you don’t have an old pair of goggles to donate, you can also provide monetary assistance by using the organization’s REVERB portal 

Whether you donate money or PPE, spreading the word is as impactful (if not more) as the gift itself. With COVID-19 continuing to spread nationally and globally, continued contributions will be needed. So far, Goggles for Docs has provided over 28,000 goggles for health care workers, but the fight is far from over.  

The novel coronavirus presents numerous challenges for everyone. From doctors to small business owners, from essential workers to the unemployed, we can all find a way to do our part even if it’s something as small as donating an old pair of dirt bike goggles. Nothing is stopping us from being our own story of inspiration.

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