Helping restaurants and customers during this tough time.

One of the reasons a lot of us ride motorcycles is that it helps us clear our minds. If we’re going through any type of stressful situation, riding it out can make us feel a lot better relatively quickly. On one hand, it might seem like the coronavirus pandemic is the ultimate test of that stress theoryHowever, a lot of people advise against riding right now so that we motorcyclists don’t potentially divert critical medical resources from their fight against this virusThe logic there is pretty sound. 

What’s a rider to do? You’re (presumably) an adult, and you can make your own decisions unless your state or local government has asked motorcyclists in your locality not to ride. I’m personally not riding right now because my bike is in pieces, but even if I were, I’d probably only ride to the grocery store occasionally. You may feel differently, and I’m not either of your parents.  

One thing I do know is that I’ve also personally felt less stressed out when I’ve been doing something useful, like helping vulnerable family members out by picking up their groceries. Likewise, Phoenix, Arizona-based motovlogger MasFace found a good way to combine a little seat time and doing a solid for some other Phoenix-area residents who are sheltering in place. Win-win? It just might be.  

It’s pretty simple. He and his buddy signed up to deliver Postmates orders on their bikes. He’s got an FZ-07 with a little tail bag that seemed to fit the orders he took pretty snugly and securely. Obviously, carrying food in or on any bike discourages you from dragging knees or elbows through corners, but you’re still on a bike, and it’s still probably going to be faster than delivering in a car. 

Luckily, none of the orders he handled in this video had drinks involved. I used to deliver food with my Burgman about a million years ago, and even with one of those cardboard drink holders and that gigantic storage box under the seat, it was pretty tricky.  

Yes, he’s getting paid a few bucks for each order, and also some tips. However, he’s also helping local restaurants get food to hungry customers, and also helping those customers stay safely at home. All the while, he’s taking his bike out for a little bit of exercise and basking in the glow of doing something helpful. It seems like a pretty good idea in the middle of this rough time we’re all collectively going through. Nice work.  

Source: YouTube 

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