The Rekon motorcycle headset from IASUS looks more like something you’d see on a rich man’s wrist than a helmet communication device. That’s because this is no ordinary headset. Along with all the normal functionality we’ve come to expect from Bluetooth helmet comms—making calls, playing music, navigation, etc.—the Rekon adds Push to Talk on Cellular (POC). If you’re not familiar with POC, it essentially means you can use it like a walkie talkie through your cellular network. 

Communicating through your cellular network means you no longer have to have line of sight to communicate with your fellow riders. In fact, as long as you both have service, you can communicate with riders wherever they are, which might be helpful if someone in your group gets separated from the herd. 

Since it uses the cellular network, the Rekon is compatible with WhatsAppZelloWeChat, and many other voice-chat services. You can even connect with up to 6,000 other riders. Just imagine that ride. 

Operating on Bluetooth 5.0 low energy, the Rekon boasts 250 hours of standby time and 10 hours of operation. Hi-definition aptX and ADP2 wireless audio formats, combined with the optionaXSound 3 speakers, provide excellent sound while riding. 

The only seeming downside is that the Rekon isn’t cheap. Preorder cost is $299 with no speakers. Adding speakers bumps that price to $349 for XSound 2.1 speakers, or $399 if you choose to upgrade to the XSound 3 speakers. That’s pretty spendy for a comms unit, but it’s not some cheaply made plastic unit like most headsets either. On its face it definitely seems worth itThe Rekon is made from steel, polished aluminum, and tempered glass to show off the mechanical inner-workings. If that’s not enough, it’s even backlit. The Rekon is designed to mount to the front of the helmet, rather than on the side, to show off all that craftsmanship. 

The Rekon is set to launch in Spring 2020. As of yet, it’s unclear whether the launch will be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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