Update: I goofed. This helmet is not actually bluetooth ready. It only has the cutouts in the cheek pads and lining which allow for the easy installation of the optional SmartHJC communication system you need to purchase separately.

HJC has announced a new replacement for its entry-level CL-17 motorcycle helmet series. The new lid, dubbed the i10, comes ready for users to install the optional SmartHJC Bluetooth platform. It also boasts an extra-wide eye portal and a redesigned front vent to help with fogging. HJC says replaceable, snap-on vents will help with maintenance and cleaning.

The i10 is a full-face helmet with a removable and washable liner and a double-d loop strap fastener. It also features an integrated cervical collar to prevent neck movement in a crash.

The visor is pin-lock ready, as is the optional mirrored visor accessory. Riders will appreciate the chin curtain and nose breath guard, particularly in cooler weather. Traditionally, HJC does a good job of producing helmets that look more expensive than they are, and the i10 fits that bill. We had to chuckle at the marketing-speak in HJC’s press release though, where the company claims the i10 is designed for “the everyday bad-ass”.

The base i10 solid helmets retail for $149.99 for black or white, and $154.99 for the semi flat “anthracite” (silver), semi flat black, and metallic blue colors. Graphic options will set you back $169.99 and include the Rank, Taze, and Fear ranges. Rank comes in simple yellow or orange accents, while Taze has colors accents inspired by electricity. Taze helmets come in bright yellow, red, blue, green, black, and pink. The Fear color scheme employs a two-tone schematic designed to make the i10 seem more industrial and tough, and comes in white/red, white/yellow, or white/black.

Sizes ranges from XS to 3XL, but riders with big heads will need to pony up an extra $5 for the 2XL and 3XL units. The helmets are both DOT and Snell approved in the USA—though the 3XL version is only DOT approved. The HJC i10 is on sale already through dealers and on the HJC website.

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