Kawasaki unveiled its new race-spec ZX-25R, and it’s a pretty little thing. This littlest ninja was designed to compete in a Japanese one-make series in 2021, and it certainly looks up to the task. 

Ditching the lights, tag holder, and mirrors was only the first step in creating this nimble little beast. Kawasaki also swapped out the stock green fairing and body panels with carbon fiber versions in a striking gloss black. The panels still retain the green honeycomb graphics which give the bike a snake-like look. While the forks appear to be the same Showa Separate Function Forks from the standard model, the rear mono-shock comes from its big-brother, the ZX-10R.  

Kawasaki replaced the ZX-25R's stock exhaust system with a free-flowing NASSERT-R Evolution Type II unitTeam Green also added a custom windscreen, air box, fuel tank, race-spec seat, and rear cowl. This ZX-25R also has rear set foot controls, and adjustable clutch and brake levers, while Dunlop race-spec tires shoe this little beast. 

Nfirm details have been released yet as to the specs on even the stock ZX-25R, its 250cc in-line four-cylinder engine is expected to redline at over 17,000RPM and have around 40HP. Obviously, we would expect the race-spec model to have even more.  

We were hoping to get more details on April 4, when the stock version was scheduled to hit showroom floors in Indonesia. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will have to wait a little longer as the event has been postponed.  

We’re disappointed that we’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out the full specs of this bike, but we suppose we can handle the suspense. What we’re really waiting for is to see it in action. We can only wonder what Honda will come up with for its CBR250RR to face it. 

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