Every time we’ve recently discussed Jawa, it’s been to criticize the company’s corporate decisions. To be fair, the resurrected manufacturer had a bit of a rocky start between some debatable business moves, endless delivery times, and new products already showing signs of decay. It seems, however, that things are settling down and that the company is finally getting on top of things. In the midst of the debacle, it’s been easy to forget how awesome the Jawas look with their delightfully retro styling. Then we get renders like this one and we are reminded all at once how cool Jawas are. 

SRK Designs is no stranger to badass renders. The design firm is behind countless digital creations that give us a glimpse of future models and turn existing cars and motorcycles into the most unlikely of vehicles. Think of a Jawa Perak with a pillion seat or of a Land Rover Defender with six wheels. One of their designs gave the classic-looking Jawa Forty Two a little scrambler makeover and the result makes us wish Jawas were sold in the U.S. 

The model’s bones are the same, the designer only took a few aesthetic liberties by adding knobby tires, a different fork and rear section, and a different, more scrambler-looking exhaust. It’s all done digitally so sadly, there is no actual bike to fulfill our scrambler fantasies. There is, however, a video documenting the designer’s process and it’s actually pretty cool to watch the render take shape. 

With three models in its lineup, Jawa has plenty of room to grow, provided it shortens its delivery times and improves its build quality. Adding a Forty Two-based scrambler to the lineup could be a good way to rekindle disgruntled customers’ interest in the brand. So, you know, take a hint Jawa. 

Source: SRK Designs

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