Scramblers have been beefing up lately. Whether it’s the Triumph Scrambler 1200 introduced last year or the Ducati’s Scrambler 1100 Pro range, manufacturers have been increasing the capabilities and the capacity of their scramblers. While flagship models offer the most features and power, some motorcyclists don’t want to wrangle the weight of a liter-size bike in the dirt. For those riders, a bike like the Rieju Tango 125 Scrambler could be the answer to the swelling size of contemporary scramblers.

Based in Spain, Rieju specializes in small-displacement motorcycles and mopeds and primarily serves European countries. The company’s lineup includes dirt bikes, supermotos, street bikes, electric scooters, and e-bikes. The addition of the Tango 125 Scramblers adds more versatility to Rieju’s range and could be a great alternative to the larger bikes in the category.

Largely based on the standard Tango 125, the scrambler variant includes MX-style handlebars and a modified front fender to help the rider deal with off-road obstacles. Wave discs provide additional stopping power for the 240-pound bike while a headlight grill helps deflect any debris kicked up on the trails. Gold rims and redesigned rear-view mirrors are purely aesthetic additions, but they add a stylish flair to the all-black livery. 

Stuffed into a steel perimeter frame, the Tango’s air-cooled single-cylinder engine mates to a 5-speed gearbox. While most new scramblers come with traction control and ride modes, an electric starter and fuel injection comprise the technology on the 125 Scrambler. With a 16-inch wheel at the back and a 19-inch front, the Tango should be able to handle moderate off-road riding, but the 37mm hydraulic forks will limit the obstacles it can traverse. 

At a seat height of 32.6 inches, the Tango will be more approachable than the larger motorcycles in the segment. Though the 2-gallon gas tank is perfect for city riding and commuting, it won’t allow for longer trips into the wild. With an MSRP of € 3,299.00 ($3,584 USD), Rieju’s Tango 125 Scrambler is a great entry-level bike that can play in the dirt. 

If you’re in Europe and looking for an alternative to the hulking scramblers on the market today, the Tango 125 Scrambler may be a great option for you.

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