Daniel Hayes, known on YouTube as Million Dollar Bogan, is making a name for himself with his wild motorcycle adventures and just as wild videos. His latest trip is no exception (cue the dramatic movie trailer announcer voice) and this time, it's personal.

Two years ago, Daniel's brother committed suicide. Daniel himself openly admits to struggling with his own depression and suicidal thoughts. He has dedicated this ride to be a fundraiser for the Movember Foundation, which is dedicated to raising funds and awareness of men's physical and mental health, including suicide prevention. Daniel, joined by friend, riding partner, and occasional sparring partner David Parry, is riding from his home in Geelong, not far from Melbourne on the eastern side of Australia, all the way to Perth on the west coast—a distance of roughly 2,400 miles. The route includes the Nullarbor Plain, a desert across southern Australia, where services are few and far between.

To increase the stakes even further, they are not riding their traditional Harley-Davidson Road Kings, but a pair of Honda Monkeys purchased specifically for the journey. Daniel has had his upgraded with some sensible as well as silly modifications, while David's appears to be pretty much stock.

Spoiler alert: the pair has successfully made it to Perth, with their arrival documented in this video. The Monkeys have been torture tested in extreme heat, hours and hours at wide-open throttle on the empty roads of Western Australia, and the occasional off-road excursion, some of which don't go that well. The only issues the Monkeys have had is stretched chains, not at all helped by the abuse and lack of proper maintenance the drivetrain has been put through on this journey.

While David is flying back east, Daniel is dedicated to completing the round trip ride he promised, despite having serious second thoughts about it partway through. Upcoming videos will detail his solo journey home. The entire playlist of the trip is worth a watch. Daniel is already more than halfway to his fundraising goal of $100,000 for the Movember Foundation.

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