ADV and Dual Sport riders are well acquainted with the plethora of tire choices available in the market. For 2020, popular German tire manufacturer, Continental, has released a new tire suited for the advanced ADV rider. The development of the all-new TKC 70 Rocks adventure tire comes after the success of the long-standing TKC 80. The TKC 80 has become a favorite among off-road riders because of its decent performance both on and off-road. The only drawback users get from the TKC 80, is a considerably shorter service life given its softer compound as compared to other ADV tires in the market. 

The Continental TKC 70 Rocks tire, as opposed to the TKC 80, offers increased mileage and longevity ensuring maximum street grip and better off-road traction. To add to this, Continental has stated that the TKC 70 Rocks is pleasantly quiet thanks to the tread pattern which features an enhanced lug arrangement designed specifically to reduce noise. 

Although Continental has yet to release a TKC 70 Rocks front tire, they claim that the TKC 70 Rocks makes a perfect pair with the current TKC 70 front tire. When compared with the design of the TKC 70 rear tire, the Rocks variant does away with the strip of rubber down the center of the tire, and instead uses a staggered lug arrangement which provides the tire substantially more off-road grip. Don’t let the TKC 70 Rocks’ knobby appearance deter you from using these tires on the street. As opposed to the TKC 80 tire which features an open-tread design which makes for a lot of on-road noise, the TKC 70 Rocks is considerably quiet which gives it plus points as an on and off-road tire. 

On the technical side, the new TKC 70 Rocks tire makes use of Continental's MultiGrip curing process which gives the tire a more wear-resistant center, along with softer, grippier sides for improved cornering performance. ZeroDegree steel belt technology ensures the tires stay seated no matter the terrain and cornering forces, and also provides precise handling and high-speed stability. Finally, this tire uses Continental’s RainGrip tire compound which has a higher silica content enabling the tire to provide the rider with more control on wet surfaces, without sacrificing dry-weather performance. The new TKC 70 Rocks tire is produced in Continentals’ factory, in Korbach, Germany. 

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