The hills are alive with the sound of shhhhhhhhh.

Kiwi electric bike maker Ubco just introduced its new FRX1 Trail Bike for pre-order. It’s lighter in weight, faster, and more definitively fun-focused than its workhorse 2x2 model. According to Ubco, it’s an electric motorbike that’s happy to blur the lines between an MTB and a dirt bike. Let’s take a look.

It certainly looks the part, finished in a clean and simple black and white color scheme. The overall design is far more conventional and less quirky than that of the 2x2, which some riders might like and others might not. That’s OK, that’s what design is for. :) 

Gallery: Ubco FRX1 Trail Bike

The FRX1 weighs just 132 pounds, is clutchless, and features a 15 kilowatt brushless motor that Ubco claims is capable of a top speed of 50 miles per hour. Range is an estimated 62 miles, and you recharge it by plugging the bike directly into your available household outlets. Total charge time is an estimated 6 hours—although, as always, claimed numbers and actual numbers in the real world may differ. 

Ubco also says the regenerative braking system is fully adjustable, and can provide up to 10 percent increased battery capacity, depending on how its configured. Front and rear hydraulic brakes stop you when you want them to. The company is currently taking preorders via its website. MSRP is $8,999 plus tax and shipping, and a deposit of $100 is required if you want to place a preorder.  

If you go through the preorder process and proceed to the checkout, text at the bottom of the page informs you that if it’s a preorder, you can expect your bike to be delivered “within three working weeks of new stock arriving in your territory.” An exact date when the FRX1 should be in stock and not merely available for preorder in the U.S. hasn’t been announced, although we’ve reached out to Ubco and will keep you updated with any new information we learn.

Source: Ubco

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