If one of your bucket-list bikes is a nice, tidy little Honda C70 Passport … this one that these guys pulled out of the Willamette River near Portland, Oregon is not it. How did it end up there? Was it involved in a wild police chase, then dumped in the river as some thieves legged it through nearby neighborhoods? Did its owner piss off the wrong person, who then threw their happy little Honda in the river? It’s a mystery!

Chances are excellent that we’ll never know this bike’s true story. Unless, that is, someone traces a VIN after cleaning the thing up, and a whole lot of pieces magically fall into place. Even then, if it was stolen and dumped, the owner may have no idea how it ended up in the river, either. Since we don’t know how long it’s been down there, nor how old it is—it’s pretty much one gigantic mystery. 

Watching this video, I couldn’t help but contemplate how someone would list this bike for sale on, say, Craigslist. “Honda C70 Passport … some water damage, surface rust, minor dings that will buff out. Basket needs remounting, tires are shot, salvage title. $200, or trade for XBOX One or a dirt bike. HMU”

There’s also a super-sad yellow Toyota Corolla down there, as well as plenty of other detritus. These guys do this type of cleanup pretty regularly, but it’s unclear how many vehicles they pull out of various bodies of water in any given session. 

Underwater treasure hunting is probably every kid’s deep-sea dream at some point, although it probably also involves abandoned ghost pirate ships and copious amounts of gold bullion. How damaged this bike actually is won’t be clear until someone takes it apart and has a good look at the ravages of both water and time. I mean, at least it’s not saltwater? 

Source: YouTube

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