Vespa USA announced that it’s making the buying process easier for potential customers with its online store. While the Vespa-curious have been able to check out current models and options on Vespa’s website since the beginning, we’ll now also be able to check stock availability, promotions, and place orders for bikes, accessories, and apparel completely online.

Ordering accessories and apparel online is pretty commonplace, whether it’s Vespa-related or not. However, ordering and even financing your next bike completely online is a relatively new phenomenon, as far as new bike sales are concerned. We’ve seen MV Agusta do this in recent time, and it’s not incredibly surprising that other brands are starting to offer similar options.

If you’re interested in a new Vespa, this new system is already live at the official Vespa USA store, so let’s check it out.

Here’s what happens when you order a Vespa online.

Let’s say you’re perusing models and decide you want a specific model. You choose the color, and then add it to your cart. Next, you’ll get a confirmation popup on screen to let you know that you’ve been successful in your selection mission. From there, you can either shop for accessories, or go straight to the checkout.


Cart Confirmation


When you choose to check out, you have to walk through each of the steps in order and hit the “Confirm” button before the Vespa USA store will let you advance to the next step. For example, the first thing you’ll see is the list of items in your cart. You have to confirm this before you can Select The Dealer by entering your ZIP code. 




That’s when Vespa USA will tell you how long you’ll have to wait to take delivery of your selected bike. For example, I had three Vespa dealers in my area. If I wanted to purchase the Primavera in these screenshots, I’d have to wait 30 days at one dealer, and 90 days at two other dealers. 


Purchase Steps


It then walks you through current promotions, including financing deals, accessories bonuses with new Vespa purchases, and the like. This step is also where you’ll be invited to apply for financing. If you do choose this route, you must insert an application ID number to continue the purchase process. 




It’s a pretty straightforward process that lets you order your new Vespa scooter as easily as you’d order a new Vespa-branded T-shirt. If you want the comfort and convenience of ordering your next scooter while you’re relaxing in your pajamas, Vespa Store USA is officially here for you.

Source: Vespa Store USA

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