When MV Agusta launched the Serie Oro Superveloce 800 and Brutale 1000, the company also introduced a brand-new online ordering system for those two models. Apparently, that initial trial run for ordering your gorgeous piece of Italian moto sculpture went so well, the company is now rolling it out for all its other bikes. 

In a world where you can seemingly order so many things online, and then have them delivered or pick them up in-store to save on shipping, it’s … not terribly surprising that motorcycle sales might expand this way, too. 

“We believe that the digital ecosystem is a cornerstone for reaching worldwide growth and strengthen customer relationships. Starting today, we make easier to connect customers to our dealer network worldwide by allowing users to start their order request directly from mvagusta.com,” MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov said in a statement. 

MV Agusta Online Ordering System

Interestingly, if you go to MV Agusta’s worldwide site, pick a bike, and click the bright blue “Order” button, it sends you to a form you fill out, which then gets submitted to your local dealer. The dealer then contacts you to finalize the purchase of whichever MV you’re ready to buy.

MV Agusta Online Ordering System
When you click the "Order" button on MVAgusta.com, you're sent to this form.

I say “interestingly” because the MV Agusta US site experience works a bit differently—and more directly, to my mind. If you go to MV Agusta USA, and you pick a bike and scroll down, you can also select “Reserve Your Bike.” Then, it has you choose your local dealer from a drop-down menu before submitting your info. Admittedly, that probably matters more if you’re in a state like California that actually has more than one MV dealer—but it’s still sort of reassuring, or maybe I just like having extra control like that.

MV Agusta Online Ordering System
MV Agusta's USA-specific site seemingly gives you more control.

This option doesn’t appear to be active for all MVs on the US site—yet. However, for the models on which it’s active, you can also instantly apply for financing via a different tab. Everything is easy and intuitive, and you can see directly how much you’ll be paying, depending on your deposit amount and chosen interest rate. 

MV Agusta Online Ordering System
MV Agusta USA also lets you apply for financing immediately on-site.

Of course, the interest rate you want might not be precisely the one you get, and there will inevitably be a longer process behind the scenes. Still, anyone who has ever financed anything would probably rather spend a few minutes doing it on their computer, instead of spending several hours in the finance office, just waiting. 

Inevitably, there will be more communication involved past that initial form submission—but removing or at least easing significant pain points like that can only make bike sales go more smoothly. 

How this will affect MV’s sales—or other manufacturers’ sales, if they adopt similar approaches—remains to be seen. One thing is clear, though: Collective hand-wringing over ever-decreasing new-bike sales has to evolve into action if those sales are going to improve. Taking steps to make the new bike-buying process as easy as ordering takeout doesn’t seem like the worst idea, by a long shot.

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