For the majority of motorcyclists, bikes serve a particular purpose. Most of us don’t own a collection that spans the numerous eras and styles of motorcycling’s sprawling history. Extensive collections not only require a dispensable income but also ample storage space, two privileges that most people don’t have. To help jumpstart one lucky person’s vintage motorcycle collection or expand another’s, the folks at Lowbrow Customs are giving away a 1951 Harley-Davidson WR at this year’s Mama Tried Motorcycle Show.

Held in the Harley stronghold of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Mama Tried show has brought some of the country’s best custom builds and vintage bikes together since 2014. The show highlights the past, present, and future of the sport, starting the fun-filled weekend with a Harley-Davidson sponsored indoor flat track racing event—Flat Out Friday. In the tank-shift racing class, competitors vie for the checkered flag atop vintage motorcycles and Harley-Davidson’s WR is the perfect bike for such races. 

The Motor Company introduced the WR in 1941 as the brand’s first purpose-built Class C racer. The side-valve 45 cubic inch (750cc) flathead engine was a robust and reliable powerplant that could achieve speeds up to 100 mph. Along with Indian’s Scout, the WR dominated flat track racing in the 1940s. 

Gallery: 1951 Harley-Davidson WR

Unlike the production race bike originally released by Harley, the Lowbrow Customs 1951 WR is titled for the street with a rebuilt and restored engine. There is no limit to the number of raffle tickets one can purchase and the winner doesn’t have to be present at the show.

Online ticket sales end on March 7, 2020, and the drawing will be held at the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show on March 15 at 1 pm. Based on the crowd that attended the show last year, winning the Harley won’t be an easy feat, so cross your fingers, rub your rabbit’s foot, and maybe purchase a handful of raffle tickets to be safe. If you’re lucky, you could be making some extra space in your garage come spring cleaning time. 

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