The appeal of a heads-up display in your helmet visor is pretty clear. What’s far less appealing, however, is the idea of shelling out new high-end helmet dollars just because you want to try integrating HUD tech into your life. That’s theoretically where the Bosch Smartglasses Light Drive device might come into play.

Unlike previous smart glasses, the Bosch unit integrates with your existing specs, turning them into a smart-enabled pair. It’s scheduled for unveiling at CES 2020 in January, so while we don’t have much in the way of details just yet, it’s definitely something we’ll be watching with interest.

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Applications of this tech for motorcyclists are, of course, immediate and obvious. As I believe I’ve stated before, I have zero interest in answering the phone most of the time when I’m riding. I do have and happily use a Bluetooth communication unit when I’m riding with other people, but I am of the opinion that phone calls can always wait. However, I do love using audio navigation to help me get places, and I wouldn’t hate having HUD guidance counting down to upcoming turns so I don’t miss them. 

"The Smartglasses Light Drive system is the smallest and lightest product on the market today and is, therefore, able to turn almost any regular spectacles into smartglasses," said Bosch Sensortec CEO Dr. Stefan Finkbeiner. "By eliminating distracting phone usage, smartglasses can help improve driving safety and reduce the impulse of users to constantly check their mobile devices for notifications or messages."

Theoretically, of course, widespread adoption of technology like this could lessen driving distractions around motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. However, an awful lot of drivers would have to adapt these devices for that to happen. Even if this tech was available to purchase for the 2019 holiday season, there’s no way mass adoption would happen that quickly, if at all. 

It’s definitely interesting to see how HUD tech moves forward—and we’ll look forward to seeing what happens when this system is officially unveiled in January.

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