We first heard of MV Agusta’s plan to bring four 350 to 500cc bikes to the world market by 2021 back in July 2019. It’s a significant step away from MV’s more exclusive, high-end-focused plan up to now. However, new direction under current CEO Timur Sardarov was, perhaps, inevitable—and now, a few more details are emerging.

In an exclusive interview with Asphalt and Rubber, Sardarov confirmed that the 350cc engine that MV will be basing some of these small-displacement models on is a twin. He didn’t go so far as to elucidate what kind of twin it is—just basically let us all know that we shouldn’t expect baby MV thumpers anytime soon. 

One other thing that Sardarov confirmed to A&R is an estimated MSRP range in Europe of €6,000 to €7,000 (US $6,657 to $7,766). Sardarov had previously mentioned that MV’s intention with these bikes is to appeal to a broader audience—both in age range and in terms of global motorcycling reach. 

Taking MV styling and coupling it with what Sardarov characterizes as small-displacement, high-performance bikes at a lower price point seems like reasonable math to expand the company’s reach. 

Perhaps the most interesting thing that Sardarov revealed to A&R is that this 350cc twin might appear in some moto styles we don’t currently associate with MV. Check out the whole interview here for more. 

What will this new direction mean for MV? It seems clear that Sardarov is eager to strategize the company’s way into the 21st century. This Italian brand has a long history—and in recent years, its financial dramas have had enough twists and turns to rival the finest soap operas. Therefore, finding ways to move to more solid footing seems like a reasonable step if you’re the head of a company that wants to stick around and keep making bikes for years to come.

Source: Asphalt & Rubber

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