Earlier in 2019, Zero announced it would bring the DSR Black Forest Edition to the U.S. The kit adds a few features to the already-versatile DSR and turns it into a pretty rad-looking adventure bike. Now, a YouTuber ordered one and recorded the unboxing process. We get to be up close and personal with the new DSR Black Forest Edition and it looks really good. 

YouTuber Adam Sandoval ordered himself a shiny new Zero DSR Black Forest Edition. His bike was delivered right to his doorstep, wrapped up in a box, like it would usually show up at a dealer. Except Sandoval gets to unwrap his gift from himself to himself with a lot of love on his own—or with a bit of help considering his arm is in a sling. 

The unboxing is pretty straightforward—the base DSR is pretty much ready to go right out of the box. As his friend rolls the Zero into the garage, you can see the bike is already fitted with the crash bars, the headlight guard, and the Givi luggage mounts and rack that come with the Black Forest kit. 

The side and top cases come in separate boxes and we get to see how easy they are to fit on the bike. The guys also have to install the tall windscreen that comes with the trim level. This video is pretty neat because it shows us how well-thought-out and easy to install all the accessories are. The coolest bit is when the guys find the toolbox filled with camping-friendly goodies including matches and a telescopic fork to grill wieners over the campfire. 

Once all the accessories are fitted on it, Sandoval’s buddy gets to take the electric bike out for a ride and shares his first impressions. The version he now owns is the fully-loaded DSR with the Power Tank which will give him close to 200 miles of city range—or 116 miles combined.  

The one thing he gets wrong is when he describes the difference between the DS and the DSR. Both models are considered dual-sport—the difference between the two versions is the size of the battery and the performance. The base DS is equipped with the smaller ZF7.2 (for 7.2 kWh) set up while the DSR receives the bigger 14.4 one. The DSR offers a longer range, more peak power, and a higher top speed. It’s pretty much the performance version of the DS. The off-road model is the FX; the street-ready one is the SF. 

If this doesn’t make you want to have one, I don’t know what will. It worked on me!

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