New bike announcement season is in full swing, and Zero just announced that its DSR Black Forest Edition will now be available as a global model. That means no more complaining about how Europe gets all the cool stuff. At least, you know, as far as this model is concerned. Score one for the home team!

To kick things off electric dual-sport style, the 2020 Zero DSR Black Forest Edition features three lockable cases, accessory bars, hand guards, and a protective headlamp cover. It’s ready to take you anywhere and everywhere you want to go—and also look good and carry everything you need while doing it. MSRP is $18,995. 

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For slightly less money, the base 2020 DSR comes with new colors, black and gold graphics, and an exclusive 14.4 kWh power pack. That will run you $15,495. 

Meanwhile, the 2020 DS now comes with a 7.2 kWh battery pack, new colors and Mojave colorway graphics, as well as increased onboard storage. MSRP is $10,995.

The 2020 FX gets a graphics refresh in the Dune colorway, and will run you $8,995. 

Over on the street side of things, besides the SR/F that Sabrina has been telling you about, the 2020 Zero SR gets an upgrade to a 14.4 kWh power pack, and also now has compatibility with either the Charge or Power Tanks for an MSRP of $15,495. 

The S comes with a 7.2 kWh battery, and will run $10,995. Finally, the FXS now comes in Slate for 2020, and runs $8,995. New colors and power options may seem like minor changes—but we’re still just happy that the Black Forest DSR rolled silently across the pond to our side. For once, it feels like we’re not left out of the cool stuff that everyone else gets and honestly, it’s kind of a relief. Thanks, Zero. 

Source: Zero Motorcycles

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