The Perak was part of the trio of bikes Jawa announced when it made its official comeback last year but the bobber had yet to hit production. On November 15, Jawa celebrated its one-year anniversary back on the market by formally launching the third addition to its small lineup. While Jawa’s first two models slot in the classic naked category, the company decided on a bobber for its third bike, rather than a more obvious vintage style such as a café racer. The Jawa and Jawa Forty-Two are gorgeous-looking, but the Perak definitely ups the game. We now get to hear the sound of the Perak for the first time.

Before you say anything, keep in mind that the Perak runs on a 334cc single so obviously, we’re not in inline-six and Milwaukee-Eight territory here. That being said, with the two comically big straight pipes poking out each side of the engine, the Perak sounds like it has more guts than it really does. There’s a nice little purring note coming out of the mufflers, especially at idle. I don’t know for you, but I did not expect that.

YouTuber Footloose Dev treats us to a proper walk-around of the bike (mostly all in Hindi) but most of the relevant information is displayed in English as well. According to what he explains in the video, test rides for the new bobber are expected to possibly begin in December and bookings should open in January 2020 with deliveries expected to begin as early as April. If there’s any truth to that, either Jawa finally got its ducks in a row or the company is a little delusional. 

Since it was brought back to life, Jawa has been a victim of its success and has been unable to keep up with the orders. Until recently, customers had to wait up to 11 months for their new Jawa to be delivered, something the company addressed by expanding its network of dealers and introducing new bikes. 


Hopefully the company got it together and is now able to deliver the bikes in a timely fashion because I suspect the new Perak will receive a lot of attention and interest from the customers. Provided they're not deterred by the waiting times. Who can blame them, the bike looks good and, all things considered, even sounds good.

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